Saturday, 3 July 2010

cocteau twins

The fair has been and gone and I have learnt a lot! Spoke to some lovely people and recieved great feedback.
I will be putting a lot of my stock up on here to show and hopefully sell as they are great pieces.

Now on to my next project/s... making rag rugs and reclaiming old furniture and jazzing them up. ive got to keep my unemployed self busy after all

Also, here is the best song in the world. I love you, cocteau twins.


  1. Jazzing up furniture eh? We should do a bit of vintage shopping when we go to B'town. X X

  2. Do the Winton high street charity shop trek again? Hopefully find something this time! xx

  3. Twas lovely to have you & Jan there G!


  4. Thanks Jayne! It was very fun do to, your cupcakes were delicious and left me with a glittery moustache xx