Friday, 4 June 2010

Setting up in the garden

Yesterday in the sun, me and my mum dug out an old clothes rail from our attic and hung our vintage clothing on it to air in the garden. Doesn't it look pretty?!

There is a lovely green mohair coat on the end, youll have to see that one at the fair!
Vintage slips, that blue one is yummy.
My favourite items! that crochet top is so lovely with a black long sleeved t-shirt underneath, and that gold and black floral skirt is gorgeous!!
Here's my feet x


  1. Hello Georgia..
    A little bird told me that you had joined the ranks of bloggers! Welcome to this totally addictive habit.
    I really look forward to seeing you and your mum and your lovely vintage wares at the Textile Fair in July. Not long now!

    Michele x

  2. Hi Michele!
    I'm slightly addicted already, even though I only have 2 faithful followers!
    I'll look forward to seeing you at the fair x

  3. How exciting. I look forward to seeing you, your dresses and your feet there :-)

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog...(I am new to blogging too and as everyone is very addictive)
    I do think you are right about the dresser...leave it white with the yellow melamine top.
    Best wishes for the Textile Fair in July.
    Julie x